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Publications & Presentations

A.J. Barber, T.E. Renner, Shawn You, Gary S. Sandlass, Anders Maki,  Predicting Tire Handling Performance using Neural Network Models, SAE 2004 International Congress, Detroit, MI, USA, March 2004. [pdf]

A.J. Barber, G.Sandlass, Practical Considerations for Generating Neural Network Models, 2001 North American ADAMS Users Conference, Troy, MI, May, 2001. [pdf]

A.J. Barber, Current and Future Applications of Empirical Dynamics Modeling, Proc. Elastomer - FEA 2000, Akron , June 2000.

T. Renner, A.J. Barber, Accurate Tire Models for Vehicle Handling Using the Empirical Dynamics Method, Proc. 2000 North American ADAMS User Conference, Orlando, FL.  June, 2000. [pdf]

A.J. Barber, Accurate Models for Complex Vehicle Components Using Empirical Methods, Paper 2000-01-1625, SAE Automotive Dynamics & Stability Conference, May 2000, Detroit, MI, USA [buy]

A.J.  Barber, Accurate Models of Dampers and Bushings using the Empirical Dynamics Method, Proc. 1999 European ADAMS User Conference, Berlin.  Mechanical Dynamics Gmbh, 1999. [pdf]



U.S. Patent 6,285,972 Generating a nonlinear model and generating drive signals for simulation testing using the same.  September, 2001 [link]

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