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Andy Barber is President, Founder, and Principal Engineer at Neosim R&D.  He has over 25 years of engineering experience in mechanical system simulation, with broad expertise in computer modeling, laboratory simulation testing, and field testing.  

In the past couple of years, Mr. Barber has worked to develop Kineman Interactive 3D Skeleton, a web application that features an articulated human skeleton in a 3D viewer, with realistic joint motions that can be controlled and observed from any viewing angle. 

He recently served as a Research Fellow at the University of Minnesota Orthopaedic Biomechanics Laboratory, responsible for development of advanced test methods for orthopaedic surgery studies (knees & spinal segments).

Previously, he served as a Principal Staff Engineer at MTS Systems Corporation, the world leader in mechanical laboratory simulation testing.  At MTS, he provided the technical expertise and visionary force behind the introduction of Empirical Dynamics Modeling, and was principal designer of MTS' Component EDM software and the ADAMS/EDM interface.  He is also the inventor of patented 'Neural RPC' methods,  which leverage the power of neural networks to improve laboratory testing speed and accuracy.  Earlier positions at MTS included work as a Research Engineer, responsible for developing new laboratory simulation technologies, and as a Simulation Systems Engineer, responsible for top level commissioning of the world's most advanced road simulation test systems. 

He served earlier as a Mechanical Systems Engineer for Earth Energy Systems (a.k.a., Jacobs Wind Electric), a leader in alternative energy systems.  Primary responsibilities included aerodynamic modeling, remote field data acquisition, and environmental laboratory testing.

Mr. Barber has completed PhD studies to the 'ABD' level, in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Minnesota, with substantial coursework in biomechanics, dynamic systems, machine learning, & signal processing. His yet-to-be-completed dissertation focuses on spinal joint characterization using methods of nonlinear system identification. His MS in Mechanics (also U of M) focused on aerodynamics and vibration.

Mr. Barber currently enjoys the temperate climate of the Pacific Southwest (of Canada), where he assists his wife in daily operations and renovations of Ocean Wilderness Inn, a seaside bed & breakfast accomodation.


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